Yet Again... 5/31

I have been to the Redondo Beach Brew. Co. 10 times in the last two days, maybe an exaggeration, but I have been there quite a few times the last couple of days. Definitely thee shit! Can't get enough.

Redondo Beach Blonde - the first sip is always the sweetest
Shrimp and Chips - Only 5 bucks during happy hour. They have the best batter, and their herb fries are the shit. They also got this lemon pepper aoli that's really good.
Fried mushrooms - I never thought I would eat a mushroom, but I have to say these were pretty damn good. Something new everyday I guess. It was pretty good with the ranch.
The spread.

What a tragedy 5/31

This is the spot where Retna, Kofie, and Mac did the "Justice" piece for the Manifest Equality Event in Hollywood. It looks so bare. It is a shame that something like that doesn;t stay up. I wish I could have seen the piece. It was amazing. Check out the video @


"Parking" - Banksy!! 5/31

My friend showed me a picture of this Banksy piece on the internet last night. I just had to see it. So me and B. checked it out. So worth it! He is definitely a very interesting artist, and of course one of my inspirations. His thought process blow my mind. This piece is located of Broadway and 9th st. in Los Angeles. Don't miss out!!



New pics

Thee king of breakfast burrito's

If you are ever in the city of Torrance, and in need of a quality breakfast burrito then you definitely need to check out Y'not Burgers on Hawthorne and 230th st. I used to live down the street. Had to be one of my favorite places, I even used to work there. They called me Kennedy. Good times. Don't miss out, you won't regret it.



I got an art booth coming up June 13 (Sunday)
Its my first ever showing, so come out and show some love!
Its going to be at Dolphin Park, by Torrance Beach in Redondo Beach.
Don't miss out!

where: Miramar Park (Dolphin Park)
201 Paseo de la Playa
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(at the end of Esplanade ave. near Torrance Beach parking lot)

when: June 13 - July 04 - Aug 01

hours: 10 am - 6pm

Phase 2 of sketch

A stroll to the Redondo Pier 5/26

A couple of sketches

New style I really like

I love interning for these guys. The Seventh Letter is thee shit!


Made an airplane into a shooting star...I don't need wishes
shot on my balcony 5/19


World Famous Ceviche 5/23

Lake show at my pad. Buddies rollin, so I had to whip up a batch of my world famous ceviche. I didn't use the Slap-Chop this time, so it came out A LOT better. Damn I want some right now

Rumble/Forced Rebellion - Known Gallery 5/22

K.C. Ortiz - Forced Rebellion
Really amazing shots. Real gritty and raw. The use of black and white really gave the images a nostalgic look. Read up on the story behind the photos @

Partial OG Bird Crew
Pose's pieces are sick! They come from some of the deepest darkest parts of his mind, and it shows. His use of color is amazing. He had a great showing with a large turnout.

My favorite had to be the puking panda
Short term goal = get up in that loft
Rime doin some work in my book. This guy is hilarious.
Pusher also throwin it down in my book. Notice the PBR in hand?!? Now that's a G!
Show runs 'til June 12th so don't miss out on this one!

Known Gallery

441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Hours during shows:
Wednesday thru Saturday: 11am - 7pm
Sunday: noon - 6pm