Business As Usual

A few pics from the day to day hustle...


Better Late Than Never

Flashback Friday y'all!! Here are a couple of pics that I found from my photo assisting days. Enjoy


Empty Promises

This weekend I helped out the crew at Known Gallery set up for the opening of Empty Promises, by Sonny Gerasimowicz. It was a great hands on experience, and gave me a lot of insight and respect for the work that goes into a gallery opening. I even shot and edited a video for the first time. Casey put me on the spot, but it turned out great. Check it out on Youtube...
Sonny has an interesting contrasting style, very rough and rugged, but also simple and nostalgic. His sketches are very different from the usual colorful, in your face pieces usually presented at Known. It's an interesting change that is definitely worth checking out.
Show runs Nov. 20 - Dec. 11 at Known Gallery


Thanksgiving Comes Early

Well today I thought I would do something a little different. There has been a lot of great things happening in my life lately, and I thought it would be fitting to do a little pre-Thanksgiving - thanks. I also decided to go without a photo on this one straying from my usually visual style. I thought the words and content were more important on this one.
I am extremely grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people in my life. In the last couple months I have been able to meet, and now work with some amazing people. I am honored to be working with The Best of The Best of their respected industries. Whether it's working with The Agenda Tradeshow, The Seventh Letter, or now as the Production Assistant for Production Designer, Robert Pearson, I am with the best . I am able to talk to them, listen, learn, and get advice. I realize now more than ever that not a lot of people have these opportunities. I am very fortunate and grow from it everyday. These guys are the foundation of what I am trying to build, and that is one hell of a foundation if I say so myself.
I am also thankful for my family, extended family, and B. (but don't get it twisted we are all family.) The last couple of months have been an eye opener to what FAMILY and STABILITY means to me. Their unrelenting support have meant the world to me. It has not been an easy transition the last couple of months, but they have been there every step of the way, never judging, always supporting. This change, support, and consistency brought on by these people has now become my motivation, and my energy. I am lucky to have them around me. These people are what hold me together, and make me who I am.
Last of all thanks to my friends and supporters for holding me down, and being there for me. Your advice, friendship, and support shapes who I am. You guys know who you are, and I thank you all.
It has been a crazy ride since April. I have grown tremendously from my experiences. There is no turning back, I can only continue to move forward. This is just the beginning and I'm excited to see what happens next. Thank you for your support and following my blog! Stay tuned this weekend for a flash back recap of my photo assisting days. Until next time. Also...


To Live and Die In...

Premium Goods

I stopped by the Battle of The Skate Shops at Podium Distribution this past Saturday, and bumped into my boy Jason from the world famous Markisa Co. They offer the highest quality in accessories and clothing. I couldn't help myself to get a little cross promotion photo op.
Markisa recently came out with their Fall/Holiday '10 line of accessories. Shit is legit!! I caught a bystander flossin' the Milli Commander Zip, so I had to snap a pic. Markisa has got sick wallets, backpacks, tees, and more. They are heavily involved in the skateboarding scene and have a really dope blog that you should follow. Check out their videos and website by clicking on the title of this post!!!


Black & White Friday

This is the first official Friday post, and I decided to do the black and white thing to make it a little more special than usual. I'm stoked on the way the photos turned out, I got a few really dope shots that I am really happy about.
I dropped by The Agenda Showroom, yesterday to pick up some work. It was nice seeing everyone, since I'm not in there as much these days. I kicked it for a little, then went off to take some flicks and stop by Known Gallery. The avenues of Fairfax and Melrose always have something to interesting to offer. Enjoy


Coffee with Eklips

So, Eklips wanted to meet up tonight. I wasn't sure why at the time, but it turned out to be a very insightful and productive meeting to say the least. Stay tuned for further developments...


October at a Glance

Its been a real crazy month, hence the lack of posts. But I am back on track and will be updating at least twice a week or more from now on. Stay tuned every Monday and Friday for the new posts! The following are a few photos I took last month. Enjoy

New Seventh Letter Stickers
The Seventh Letter - Legacy Jacket (Fall '10)
This came in the mail..I though it was pretty funny
New Axion - Liberty's fresh out the box
Thanks to my boys at Axion, they are always coming through with the most comfortable, stylish, and dopest skate shoes around! Go get some!!
My man Push had a show at Known Gallery
Random Wall Painting
Saber & Obey Mural at Barracuda LA
Craola Opening - Gallery 1988