Reality Check

I was passing through the alleys of Melrose Avenue yesterday on my way to Agenda when I saw this dumpster. I don't know if it's real, or a graffiti artist trying to make some statement (which would be genius in my book), but it is definitely a harsh look into the reality of what people are capable of doing, how sad.


Mobile Uploads-Venice Beach

Hugs Are the Answer
2 Headed Turtle...I call bull shit
Purchase of the Day - $1 from some Hipsters


The Hundreds

I stopped by The Hundreds Garfield pop up shop on Thursday and met up with the Agenda crew. I didn't expect it to be as crazy as it was. There was the longest line, and the place was jammed packed. You could barely move around, and my camera lens kept getting fogged up due to all the body heat. But I could see what all the fuss was about, it was definitely the place to be. I saw a lot of familiar faces, had a couple of drinks, and met some cool new peeps. The artists had some inventive interpretations of the Garfield character, and story which was very amusing. This is definitely one of my favorite collaborations by The Hundreds yet.
So crazy! It was like a line at Disneyland.
The other entrance
My Favorite..
I had a couple of these mugs growing up...love these things
Love this. What an interesting take on the subjectRime
Check out The Hundreds website if you don't already. Get on it!


Fresh Delivery

My buddy Petey K. dropped by my place today to pick up some pieces for his Donut Island, Pop Up Gallery this Friday. He also dropped off some fliers and some tasty donuts.
All you need is...
Come by Donut Island on Friday to check out some art by a few artists including myself. It should be dope. Grab a donut, check out some art, and maybe win some apple products in the raffle. See you there.

Friday, December 10
6pm - 9 pm

3401 Cherry Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90807



I thought this was kind of ironic. Advertising or vandalism?