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Hello boys and girls, I would like to introduce my homie SEPA from the U.K. He is a real cool dude, with a cool vibe about him, super care free. I met SEPA when I stopped by the RVCA store on Fairfax to say what up to the homies. My girl Taryn over at RVCA, introduced me to SEPA. We hit it off immediately he started sharing stories about graffiti, photography, fixed gear riding, and on and on. I did a little something in his BOOK and so did Taryn. He is a real interesting and talented dude. He has traveled all over the world documenting with his camera. You should check out his blog www.kevdonnellyphotography.blogspot.com But yeah SEPA is the real deal, the way he was so excited about L.A. - the lifestyle, the opportunity, the accessibility, really made me appreciate what I sometimes forget, and take for granted. Stay tuned, more developments to come...
By the homie, and always stylin, Ms. Taryn T.K. Anderson



Around the World
Creating the design for the next commerical
My new freshness, Supra Vader Red Carpets..ballin
The homies Dabs and Myla hooked me up with their sketch of the mural they did at Agenda. I guess I'm special haha. They are such awesome people and amazing artists. I'm stoked to have a piece of their art, and its for Agenda...bomb


Agenda Anaheim 2011

I worked the Agenda Tradeshow this past Thursday. It was awesome. The show was in Anaheim this time around. It was a nice change. I saw a bunch of homies, watched Dabs and Myla get down, ran some interesting errands, and stocked up on shwag. I didn't have as much time to look around and check out all the booths, because I was so busy, but it was a great show. I was even Snoop Dogg's appointed liason. I was running around Orange County like a mad man picking up his things. It was an interesting, fun, and tyring experience to say the least. I'm just glad I brought my dolly.
My boy's at Axion always do it right...get some!
Snoop's amenities on my new dolly
Snoop's set up
My homies Dabs and Myla are amazing artists who are also married. its great to see such team work form a couple, its actauly kind of inspiring. They really show what great things that can happen when you find the right person and can work together. They even hooked me up with the sketch for the piece...hell yeah!!
Mr. Casey "Eklips" Zoltan (TSL, AWR, MSK on left) and Mr. Aaron Levant (The Agenda Show on right) these guys are some of the people I look up to the most and very grateful to have them in my life. Big things coming in the future!


East Coast Get Away

Happy New Year y'all! So me and B. recently went to Vegas for some New Years festivities. It was a pretty crazy scene, but we kept it pretty calm. We stayed at New York New York so it was like our little east coast get away. We even watched the ball drop at the Times Square Bar. I was just glad to get away and have some time to look back on everything that has happened this past year, recharge and strategies for the next one. 2011 is going to be amazing. It was a nice start to bring in the new year. Too bad we got stuck in a snow storm on the way back. It took us 9 hours to get back, but it was definitely worth it. But now it's time to get back to work.
Nathan's. Soooo bomb