Hello boys and girls, I would like to introduce my homie SEPA from the U.K. He is a real cool dude, with a cool vibe about him, super care free. I met SEPA when I stopped by the RVCA store on Fairfax to say what up to the homies. My girl Taryn over at RVCA, introduced me to SEPA. We hit it off immediately he started sharing stories about graffiti, photography, fixed gear riding, and on and on. I did a little something in his BOOK and so did Taryn. He is a real interesting and talented dude. He has traveled all over the world documenting with his camera. You should check out his blog www.kevdonnellyphotography.blogspot.com But yeah SEPA is the real deal, the way he was so excited about L.A. - the lifestyle, the opportunity, the accessibility, really made me appreciate what I sometimes forget, and take for granted. Stay tuned, more developments to come...
By the homie, and always stylin, Ms. Taryn T.K. Anderson

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