I'm Back

It's been almost 2 months since my last post, but I have been workin' on myself, as well as trying to narrow down the content for my blog, working on some new art, jumping back into the photography game, amongst a million other things. But now I am back, re-focused, and ready to kill it. Get ready there's more to come.


A Rough Sketch

My friend asked me to do a painting of a branch on his wall. This is the sketch I came up with.

Recycled Wood

Alice In Del Mar

A statue of the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

Two (2) Pics

Toms Going Away Present

My buddy Tom skipped off to Holland for school. He wanted me to throw down on some shirts before he left. We had to bust it on the street, and on the spot for proper placement. Tom was stoked on them, they turned out pretty sick!
the trunk of my car "Anyone wanna buy a shirt?"

Get Some

My good friend Gabino over at Casa Playa in the Riviera Village, has been along time supporter mine, and was gracious enough to let me hang up some of my art in his restaurant.
This is definitely the spot to eat some good food, have a beer, and enjoy some of my art.

1903 S. Catalina Ave.
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

A Day With Saber 7/12

Watchin' Saber paint the Fairfax wall.
"Saber At Night"
We got a little grub afterwards
I dropped him off at home, and got to check out his studio. This was his latest painting "In Pursuit Of Black Gold"



It's been a while since my last post, but I'm taking a little time to rethink the direction of the blog. Hold tight, I'll be back soon!