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I had to catch a tag for me and B.
Mers sculpture

By The Time I Get to Arizona - Re cap

Montana's for day's



So on last Friday I was at "work" ( the DCMA store) I had the honor of fixing Kofie's piece on the back of our store. Some idiot painted a swastika on it. What the hell is the use? People are such haters. At least I got to "try" to fix it. Also my buddy Jose, and his bro Jaco the master minds behind Seeking The Throne happened to stop be in the neighborhood chill, and take some pics.

The tools. Thanks Shig
Check out these guys. The hommies are legit

New skate deck

Introducing the Decal logo

It actually spells Decal. Hand carved stamp.
New cards came in today. Had to freshen them up a bit



So we went to The Original Pantry Cafe for lunch to kill some time after the Laker parade. It was a great meal, with even greater service. It was a bit on the pricey side for me, but that really doesn't mean much considering I am broke.

Laker Parade 6/21

So myself and the rest of the posse went to the Laker parade via the Train. The train was an interesting experience. I have never been a train in L.A. before, so it was something new. I didn't realize how efficient it was. The train was packed with Laker fans. The parade was crazy, there were so many people. I will definitely be there next year. Can anyone say 3-peat!

MVP...MVP... MVP!!


Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of experiencing Iron Maiden live at the San Manuel Amphitheater, with B and the boy's. Needless to say it was amazing. We got there early for a little tail gate action in the parking lot. We ended up getting what had to be the spot of all spots. Instead of parking in a crowded dirt lot, we ended up next to a park with a lake, and plenty of room . We threw around the football, enjoyed a couple of beers, saw a great show, and even heard some brand new songs. Not a bad night. Thanks Keith for driving!

I saw this TSL hit-up in a port-a-potty...The Seventh Letter strikes again?