My First Art Competition

I entered this art contest for the Torrance Arts Guild (TAG) that B's co-worker told me about. I entered two pieces: "Hazzards of Work" and "Estimated 800". This was my first competition so I was super nervous, and anxious. It wasn't really my demographic or anything, but I thought it would be a good experience. To my surprise, I ended up getting an Honorable Mention ribbon for "Hazzards of Work." I was so excited that I was able to achieve such a thing. I really didn't expect it considering there were so many amazing pieces and artist. Especially being my first contest, I didn't know what to expect. All I know, is that I look forward to what lies ahead, and plan to enjoy every second of this ride. This definitely is just the beginning...
Honorable Mention Baby!! (Check out that shirt by the Seventh Letter, lookin' sharp!)

My other piece "Estimated 800"
That's me accepting my award.

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