Private Property

I prefer the after. But that's my opinion. Anyways, so my friend Tom told me that his company had a vacant warehouse out in Chinatown (so it's all legal). We were originally only going to take pics, but I brought my paint just in case. It was a large space, with a lot of buildings some of which are still in use. There was this beat up half pipe that he said I could paint on, so I went to town. This was the first time I painted my name in like 3 years. It was so refreshing. I definitely need to work out the technical stuff, but the idea is there, and it turned out pretty good. I wish I had more time to do a better piece, but there will be a next time. Until then...
the finished product - before and after


  1. 8 years? good job, i have horrible can control. did your finger give out?

  2. Yeah it did. Fought through the pain though. LOL. But yeah i actuall forgot that i did a piece about 3 years ago in my garage. but another 5 before that. What do you write?


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